GREECE - Teacher Training Meeting


Meeting: Project „Wonderful World of Words (WWofW) second meeting

Date: 06th – 10th of November

Location: Parapotamos, Igoumenitsa 46100, Greece

Host institution: Parapotamos Primary School

Chairperson: Xristos Papadoglou

Secretary: Julija Miniotaite and Agne Michalenkovaite

In attendance:

Antoanela Kamenova, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“

Zdravka Angelova Delieva, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“

Papadoglou Xristos, Primary school Parapotamos

Ioannis Stavrou, Primary school Parapotamos

Marina Besi, Primary school Parapotamos

Stevelin Tamm, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia

Virge Lember, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia

Francesco Conte, IIS Ragusa Kiyohara-Parlatore

Valerio Catania, IIS Ragusa Kiyohara-Parlatore

Julija Miniotaite, „Rasa“ progymnasium

Agne Michalenkovaite, „Rasa“ progymnasium

Carla Valerio, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga

Dalia Trigo, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga

Mehmet Yesilkaya, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Hakan Ozciris, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Monday, 6th of November 2017

Arrival of the participants.

Tuesday, 7th of November 2017

1. Parapotamos school students acted a theatrical play about the traditional wedding in Ipirous.

2. Participants from Estonia presented “Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center


3. Bulgaria workshop “How to publish a newspaper”.

Partners from Bulgaria Antoanela Kamenova and Zdravka Angelova Delieva from 51

Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“ prepared a workshop „How to publish a

newspaper“. First, they gave some information about the Newspaper of the project. Then

Bulgarians showed a video tutorial about using Publisher for editting a Newspaper. Link:

All participants worked in groups to give more ideas about topics for the newspaper.

Wednesday, 8th of November 2017

1. A workshop held in Parapotamos school by two Greek theatrologists, Hrisa Tefa and

Xristoforos Kotsinas. During the presentations and interactive break-out they tried to show

how it is possible to improve reading skills using theatrical play. This workshop was

separated in two parts, one with students and one with teachers.

In the first part, documents were given to students ( this time they were famous paintings),

who worked in teams. They had to alive but stabled pictures, something like alive statues,

trying to represent the famous paintings they were given before. The other had to guess

paintings theme.

After that, the second part was dedicated to teachers. After warm up games, Hristoforos

Kotsinas, recited a folk fairy tale in Greek. During his recitation everybody, even though

they coul not understand anything, had to write a story related to this folk fairy tale just with

the data Hristoforos gave with his body, face and moves.

Thursday, 9th of November 2017

1. Italy presentation about teaching methods „Freer, More books“ and „Words, Things,


The talk starts with the analysis of the context and theoretical assumptions : "The crisis of

reading in South Italy", then our solution with the decalogue of the rights of the reader

through images . After that the part of ACTIVITIES follows. They are divided into three

sections, that of words, whose idea is to reduce the distance between books and readers with

the creation of libraries in the classrooms, book talks etc. Then the section

of things where the freedom of the reader is strongly asserted, including reading with the

use of other languages: use of lapbooks, cross readings, sketches of reading etc. And finally

we have the last section, that of people whose aim is to use reading as a tool to help other


The talk ends with the proposal of a European canon for young readers for a closer contact

among the students of the seven partners.

2. Portugal presentation about teaching methods – workshop „Hand in hand with


Portugal participants presented their organization: classroom dynamics, organization of the

Portuguese classroom. Also didactic activity „Word Holding Hands“ was presented - for the

study of animals in the area of Middle Study a brainstorming is made.

Presentation and reading of the book “The day that the forest burned". In this activity, orality

and inferences were promoted, as well as developing the sense of preservation and

conservation of nature. This kind of activities are really important for the student because they

are ludic activities and get the student envolved.

When presentation was ended, the workshop with all participants started. Everybody had to

plan a text with cards and write a story.

3. Lithuanian presentation - a workshop about teaching methods „Improving reading

and literacy skills through games“.

Objectives: Improving students' reading and writing skills using the game method;

Encouraging and motivating students to read and write.

Tasks: It will develop the need of continuous improvement students’ linguistic abilities;

When students play games, they will learn letters, learn how to compose, read and write.

Games which were presented during this presentation - workshop help students learn to

identify already learned letters, read the sentence and understand its meaning, students learn

how to syndicate the words, in this case they can read and write easier, learn to spell the

words, find the last sound of the word.

These games improve children's attention, encourage them to read. Musical education

integrated into the game improves the pronunciation.

All participants tried to play a few games.

Friday, 10th of November

1. Logo competion.

All participants presented logos from their organizations (logos were created by students).

Everybody was voting for the best logo for the project. And the winner was Italy



ESTONIA - Kuressaare Gymnasium



Greece-Kick off meeting



Greece-Kick off meeting



Greece-Kick off meeting