LITHUANIA - Students exchange meeting


Meeting: Project „Wonderful World of Words (WWoW) students meeting

Date: 19th – 23rd of March

Location: 78203 Siauliai, Lithuania

Host institution: „Rasa“ progymnasium

Chairperson: Ona Kavoliukiene

Secretary: Asta Sliburiene

In attendance:

Antoanela Slaveykova Kamenova, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“

Rositsa Petkova Vasileva, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“

Asen Ivanov Alexandrov, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“

Andrea Georgieva Milusheva, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“, student

Desislava Dimitrova Peneva, 51 Secondary School „Elisaveta Bagryana“, student

Papadoglou Xristos, Primary school Parapotamos

Kostas Monachos Primary school Parapotamos

Grete Põldemaa, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia

Madli-Maria Naulainen, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia

Raimond Metsalu, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia, student

Andri Karpu, Kuressaare Gymnasium’s education and training center Osilia, student

Mariella Biundo, IIS Ragusa Kiyohara-Parlatore

Mattia Manzella, IIS Ragusa Kiyohara-Parlatore, student

Eleonora Amato, IIS Ragusa Kiyohara-Parlatore, student

Carla Valerio, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga

Sandra Romeiro, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga

Rita Maria Gomes Moutinho, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga, student

Tiago André Lemos, Agrupamento de Escolas de Vialonga, student

Sevcan Söğütlü Aktaş, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Ebru Yasavul, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi

Sinem Şahinbaş, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi, student

Elif Kaplı, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi, student

Ona Kavoliukiene, „Rasa“ progymnasium

Asta Sliburiene, „Rasa“ progymnasium

Lidija Butkeviciute, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Simona Jakaityte, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Samanta Zencuk, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Arnas Zymantas, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Donardas Daunys, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Domas Lunskis, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Austeja Grinkaite, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Ieva Zuraityte, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Kamile Sliburyte, „Rasa“ progymnasium, student

Sunday, 18th of March, 2018

Arrival of the participants.

Monday, 19th of March, 2018

 On Monday, students and teachers arrived at school at 11.00. The guests were welcomed by

Asta Sliburiene, the Assisstant of Project Coordinator. The guests were presented with memorable

gifts. A music group of primary students „Traktoriukas“ prepared a concert for the guests. Later,

they all visited the school, a school hall, pre-school group classrooms and bedrooms, teachers' room

and other spaces.


 Later, all schools introduced their school, city and country using Power Point presentations and


 After lunch, students went to the educational program in the chocolate factory „Ruta“. There

they learned about the history of the factory and the production of chocolate, and they produced

chocolate sweets themselves.


Tuesday, 20th of March, 2018

 Teachers had a meeting and discussed the Project activities. Currently, partners are creating a

story, a fantastic narrative, a detective story and poetry keeping up with the timetable.

 Classes 1st-4th create a fairy tale. It was started by „Rasa“ progymnasium and was titled "The

Magic world". The primary pupils of this school created two A format sheets. Now the pupils draw

illustrations for this fairy tale. The creation of the tale was taken over by partners from Portugal.

 The fantastic story was also created by the 6th class students of "Rasa" progymnasium. At the

moment, partners from Bulgaria have taken over the creation of a fantastic narrative.

 Estonian students will write a detective story, they will pass on the story later

for Bulgaria.

 One of the project activities is the creation and publication of an electronic newspaper. The

teachers gathered in groups, presented proposals for the creation of a newspaper.

Suggestions of the 1st group:

They suggested 5 different newspapers:

1. Life at school

• Trditions

• Holiday calendar

• Extra curricular activities

• Favourite subjects

• Events at school

• Summary of the meeting

2. Famous people

• Biographies

• Interviews

• Articles with the most interesting facts

• Summary of the meeting

3. Technology in the students‘ life

• Smartphones

• Danger on the Internet

• Social media

• Summary of the meeting

4. Books

• Famous poems, stories

• Review about a favourite book

• The most famous fairy tale of each country

• Students‘ poems on a certain topic

• Summary of the meeting

5. All about partner countries

• Traditions

• Holidays

• Recipies

• Places of interest, atractions

• Historical, archoelogical places

• Summary of the meeting

Suggestions of the 2nd group:

• A logo for the newspaper

• An oustanding title (voting for the title)

• An interviw with a writer

• The privileges of reading and writing

• A short description about schools

• About Christmas, Helloween

• Widely used idioms in every language

Suggestions of the 3rd group:

• One format for all 5 newspapers

• School Life – news, events, calendar

• Art and literature, stories

• Science and technology

• Fun Time

 Newspaper timetable

• 5 times – issued

• Prepared before each meeting

• Published after each meeting


 The pupils visited the Vocational training school and compiled comic strips for their favorite

folk tales using computer programs. After returning to school, they put their comics in the Power

Point presentation and prepared them for Thursday's meeting.

 In the evening, the students gathered at the bowling club. They played bowling and had


Wednesday, 21st of March, 2018

 On Friday, students played an interactive Treasure Hunting game. The participants of the game

had to find the most famous objects of Šiauliai city: a sculpture of Shooter, Iron fox, the Cathedral,

the oldest pharmacy with cats on the roof, a symbol of the city — a Rooster and Municipality building.

All students had special QR codes on their phones. When they arrived at the object, they scanned the

code on the phone and saw the description of the object on the screen. In this way, students could get

better acquainted with Šiauliai.

 After completing the task, the pupils, together with their teachers, visited the Hill of Crosses and

the Monastery.

 The pupils spent the evening in the families.

Thursday, 22nd of March, 2018

 On Thursday, the participants of the project were taught to dance Lithuanian folk dances. They

learned and danced 4 Lithuanian folk dances.

 Later on, everyone left for Povilas Višinskis' library. The library staff guided them on a tour,

exhibited a newly equipped library department, an American reading corner, which is the only one

in Lithuania.

The pupils presented their created comics based on the folk tales. They also had to take a photo of

the given text, which would help to reveal this text.

Photos were printed and donated to students.

 In the evening students went to the Trampoline Park.

 Teachers discussed the progress of the project. In the timetable, they have put down the

deadlines for the creation of tales, fantasy and detective stories and poetry. All this has been

uploaded on a Google Drive document.

 It was decided to upload a document on the Google Drive with all the articles of the

newspaper until May 15th. Bulgaria will release the newspaper by May 30th. Each school writes

four articles on the following topics and sends photos:

• Traditions and events

• Holiday calendar

• Extra curricular activities (description of school)

• Favourite subjects

Friday, 23rd of March, 2018

 On Friday, students completed a questionnaire on activities and impressions in Lithuania. Then,

everyone received certificates.

 After that, everyone went on an excursion to Klaipeda. There they visited the Sea Museum

and the dolphinarium. They watched the performance of dolphins and royal lions.

Saturday, 24th of March, 2018

Departure of participants.



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